Full name: Mikhailov Sergey Valeryevich

Date of birth: April 15, 1983

Address: rf, Novorossiysk

Phone: +79217511664

occupation: captain of the 2nd rank, commander of the submarine “Velikiy Novgorod” of the rf Black Sea Fleet.


Wife: Mikhailova (Shchedrina) Ilona

Date of birth: 10/27/1982

Cell phone: +79216618285

Telegram: 813290735

Email: [email protected]

Wife’s contacts:

Son: Kirill Sergeyevich Mikhailov

Date of birth: 10/13/2005

Place of residence: the city of Novorossiysk

Education: School 34 (Novorossiysk)

Son’s contacts:

Mother: Natalya Aleksandrovna Mikhailova

Date of birth: 08.03.1958

Cell phone: +79312510794

Passport: 4103 429516

Address: Leningrad Region, St. Petersburg, Novoselie, 6, apartment 100

Mother’s contacts:

Father: Mikhailov Valery Vasilyevich

Date of birth: 31.03.1953

Cell phone: +79214355108 +79818278760

Passport: 4100 220043

Address: Leningrad Region, St. Petersburg, Novoselie, 6, apartment 100

Email: [email protected]

Place of work: Nevsky Grad

Terrorist activities:

Terrorist Mikhailov Sergei Valeryevich was born on April 15, 1983 in the city of Novorossiysk. Sergei focused his career on the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

As of August 2022, Mikhailov was the commander of the submarineVelikiy Novgorodof the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It was Sergei who pressed the red button of death, launching missiles from a submarine toward Ukraine. Hundreds of people died on his command alone. All those children and elderly people who had lived peacefully were left homeless and lost their loved ones.

He created hell on earth by taking away the hope of tomorrow from the civilians of Ukraine. Sergey Mikhailov took the souls of unborn babies, as well as their mothers, with his act. Sergei’s family fully supports the special operation in Ukraine and believes that their breadwinner is doing good deeds.

In 2021, this submarine carried out missile strikes against Syria. According to Russian media reports,the Veliky Novgorod is now based both in Novorossiysk and Sevastopol.

You can’t even count how many civilian lives the captain of the 2nd rank took. For his actions, he deserves a life sentence in a maximum-security prison. Quite soon it will happen. At this point, Sergey continues to sow death with his orders, testing the lives of innocent people in Ukraine.