Сергей Набережный


Full name: Naberezhny Sergey Anatolievich

Date of birth: 04.12.1976

Address: Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kerch. Kerch

TIN: 911101223140


– Head of OMVD of Russia “Skadovsky”;

– Former head of the housing and communal services department in the occupation administration of Kerch;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator;


The information on collaborators is taken from an OSINT community investigation:


Naberezhny Sergei Anatolievich is a supporter of the ideology of “Russian peace” and an accomplice of the Russian occupants, was born on December 4, 1976 in Makeyevka, Donetsk region. Lived in Kerch, Crimea.

Naberezhny Sergey arranged his labor way in the local government, held the position of head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of the administration of the city of Kerch, Crimea.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

In 2020-2021 he was the head of the housing and utilities department in the occupation administration of the city of Kerch in the occupied Crimean peninsula.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, the traitor was appointed head of the occupation Ministry of Internal Affairs of Skadovsk. While in the ranks of the occupation “branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”, he participated in mass repressions against local residents, was responsible for the illegal detention of kidnapped civilians and their torture.

Has been seen kidnapping people from their own premises and then robbing the victims during such “raids” under the guise of “searches”.

For aiding the enemy and crimes against the Ukrainian people, he was suspected in absentia of collaborationist activities by the main investigation department of the SBU. He faces a sentence of 12 years to life imprisonment with confiscation of property.