Full name: Nazarov Artem Sergeyevich

Date of birth: April 26, 1983

INN: 616402911896

Place of birth: Gukovo, Rostov Region

Citizenship: rf

Last position: co-owner of the transport company KIT LLC in Rostov on the Don.

Family members:

Father-Nazarov Sergey Makarovich (cover photo)

Mother – Nazarova Tatiana Anatolievna

Maksim Sergeyevich Brap-Nazarov


Artem Sergeyevich Nazarov was born on April 26, 1983 into the family of a very promising future Russian politician and businessman Sergey Makarovich NazarovHe is currently serving as deputy minister of economic development of the russian federation and is one of the members of the board of directors. “Russian National Commercial Bankwhich came under U.S. sanctions, European Union and Ukraine for their work in Crimea.

Nazarov Sr. graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute in 1984 and between 1978 and 1998 worked his way up from repair mechanic to general director of JSC Gukovugol in the city of Gukovo, Rostov Region.

After that, Nazarov went into politics, taking the post of deputy head of the administration of the Rostov Oblast, who was also in charge of fuel, energy, and natural resources for the regional government.

In 2012, Nazarov was appointed Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, and on December 13, 2014, he became Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Makarovitch himself to develop the economy, apparently, was bored, so in the family business Nazarov senior involved his son Artem Nazarov, known for financial fraud, and accused of organizing a commercial bribery (Part 3 of Art. 33, Part 2 Art. 204 of the Criminal Code) and persons accused of receiving it and the direct transfer (Part 2, Part 3 Art. 204 and Part 5 of Article. 204 of the Criminal Code).

But, before they found themselves in the dock, the Nazarovites gained extensive powers not only in “their own swamps,” but also tried to promote their interests in other states.

In 2015, the family developed schemes for plundering Donbass, or to be more precise, schemes for the illegal extraction and export of coal from the self-proclaimed republics of the LNR and DnR. Helping the local occupation authorities to enrich themselves, Nazarov Sr. was appointed to head the interdepartmental commission (mvc) on “to provide humanitarian support to the affected territories of the southeastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine”.At the same time, his offspring Artem tried to take control of the Trading House “Ugol Donbassa,” buying products at an undervalue and shipping them to the end buyer at market price.

In the struggle for energy resources, Artem Nazarov was not squeamish about bribery and manipulation. Nazarov, Jr. entrusted the cover-up of his business not to anyone else, but to the Russian FSB itself, which has long covered up the blatant enrichment schemes of the young businessman, his companions and close relatives.

Not surprisingly, Artem Nazarov confirmed the criminal case against him, but clearly stated that he did not agree with it. After a dozen years of litigation, the result of the investigation has gone just as unnoticed as the tens of thousands of dollars offshore by Nazarov Jr., who to this day continues to evade the law and only pursues his own profits.

After President Putin declareda mobilization in the country, Artem Nazarov used a very elaborate scheme for the children of Russian oligarchs. Under the pretext of kidney treatment in a Swiss clinic (in Switzerland, Nazarov Jr. has a company called Petroforce Trading and Shipping SA, which exports coal), Artem Nazarov left Russia, leaving no hope that he would soon return to defend his homeland.

Artem Nazarov’s enrichment scheme is simple and has nothing to do with protecting the interests of his country. After all, it is much easier to fight competitors in business than to fight for someone else’s interests and be a valuable resource in the hands of other powers.