Full name: Khortiv Sergey Ivanovich

Date of birth: 04.05.1966

Place of birth: Luhansk Region, Rubizhne

Places of residence:

Luhansk region, Kreminna district, Rubizhne

  • ul. Parkovaya str. 11, sq. 1;
  • ul. Pushkin, 24, apt. 6.


Voroshilovgrad Pedagogical Institute;

East Ukrainian National University named after V.V. Lomonosov. V. Dahl

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EK769021, EK769021Є

Ukrainian passport for traveling abroad: EE517121

Identification number: 2423002031

Mobile numbers: +380508117577, +380645350411, +380645355141, +380725350053, +38380502377094, +380506937336

Occupation: t.n. mayor of Rubizhne


Labor Path:

2001 – Director of the Rubizhne Institute of Chemical Technology;

2014 – Director of the department “A.E. Poray-Koshitse Polytechnic College of Rubizhne”, Luhansk National University named after M. Gorky. Т. G. Shevchenko;

2014 – an enabler of the so-called “LNR;

2016 – Director of Rubezhan Polytechnic College.

The Political Way:

2005 – was elected deputy of the Lugansk Regional Council;

2010 – deputy of the Lugansk Regional Council from the “Party of Reoion”;

2015 – representative of the “opposition bloc” party;

2016 – Head of the Rubizhne City Council;

2018 – Head of the Rubizhne City Council;

2020 – Mayor of Rubizhne;

2020 – Mayor of Rubizhne from the political party “Our Edge”;

2022 – deputy of the Lugansk Regional Council of the 6th convocation;

2022 – t.n. mayor of Rubizhne.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

Sergey Ivanovich Khortiv is familiar to many because of his odious actions. Back in 2014, he took part in the vote of the Luhansk regional council, according to which rf troops were to act in the role of defender of Donbass from the illegitimate government in Kiev. Moreover, he was involved in blocking Ukrainian military equipment in the city.

He was one of those who took part in voting for the creation of the “LnR,” attracted the local population to participate in pro-Russian rallies.

He called for controlled members of the electoral commission to disrupt the presidential election by writing applications to resign from the commission.

On April 1, 2022, he was seen in the rf media, where he assured that there was Nazism and genocide in Ukraine, and that Ukrainian politics were completely controlled by the United States.

Sergei Ivanovich also stated that he deliberately stayed in the occupied city, because an attempt on his life was being prepared in Ukraine. Continues to assist the occupation troops, takes all possible measures for the normal functioning of the occupation regime.

He passed information on the pro-Ukrainian population to the occupation troops, after which people disappeared without a trace.

Addressed Ukrainian servicemen in order to surrender military equipment and weapons.