Full name: Krupoderya Sergey Petrovich

Date of birth: August 11, 1960

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Volchansk, Voykova str. 6;

PHO: 2213814917


deputy mayor of Volchansk;

– the so-called“deputy head of the occupation administration of Volchansk;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;


He is not married and has no children.

Lousy official and traitor Sergei Petrovich Krupoderya was born August 11, 1960 in the village of Sanzharikha, Cherkassy region. Prior to his betrayal, he led a life of respect and professionalism, for which he was appointed deputy mayor of Volchansk. In the city itself, as deputy mayor, Sergei was engaged in solving the problems of the city: the work of public utilities, the organization of public events, etc.

Everything changed after the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022. As the SBU officers found out, after the Russian occupation forces entered Volchansk, Sergey Krupoderya betrayed Ukraine and was recruited by Russian handlers. The latter gave him the task of organizing the accommodation and food supply of the occupation forces, as well as providing all kind of assistance to the so-called. “the head of the Kharkov occupation administration,” the collaborator Vitaly Ganchev.

At the same time, given that he is already under suspicion, Sergei does not repent for his act and continues to cooperate with the so-called “so called. “by the occupation administration of the Kharkov region. In addition to Ukrainian justice, he has something to fear, and these people will not be ceremonious with him. These are Kharkov partisans who are cleansing their land from the scum like Krupodera. The Kremlin handlers will not “use” Sergei’s services for long either, and, if possible, will try to “remove” him so that he does not say anything unnecessary.