Full name: Moroz Sergey Yurievich

Date of birth: 21.05.1987

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Chaplynka settlement, Komsomolskaya str. 12;

Passport: MR 459143.

Contacts: +79901230688



– employee t.n.a. “Chaplain’s Occupation Administration.”

– an enemy informer;

– an accomplice of the occupation authorities, a collaborator;


Moroz Sergey Yurievich – an active accomplice of Russian invaders in Ukraine, who sold out to the“Russian world” was born on May 21, 1987 in Chaplynka settlement of Kherson region. At the time of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sergei was living and working in the said locality.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Since the beginning of his career under the “occupation power”. Sergey immediately “distinguished” himself to the Rashists with his pro-Russian views. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the collaborator Moroz actively supported the actions of the Russian invaders. He voluntarily defected to the enemy and started working in the illegitimate so-called “Chaplinsky occupation administration” as an employee.

Sergei, an accomplice of the “Putin regime“, was appointed by the Rashists to such a “responsible” position of an “employee”, although he is “loyal” to his new masters, but he is unable to bring any benefit even to his Kremlin “patrons”.

Collaborator Moroz S.Y. does not consider it shameful to perjure himself and denounce the residents of Chaplynka. Even other collaborators of the Rashists also became “victims” of Sergei’s denunciations.

Citizen Serhiy Yurievich Moroz will answer for treason against the state and active collaborationist activity against Ukraine. And the punishment will come inevitably and very soon.