Full name: Nerusin Sergey Viktorovich

Date of birth: 14.07.1983

Address of registration: Russia, Tambov region, Krasnosvobodnoe village, Lesnaya str.

Mobile number: +79312524682

Email: [email protected]


– Commander of the submarine B-271 “Kolpino” of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy

Wife: Katarova Ekaterina Petrovna

Date of birth: December 23, 1983

Address of registration: Crimea, Foros, Terletskogo str. 3, kv. 28

INN: 3067222349

Mobile numbers: +79787259590


Telegram: 275296895

Daughter: Nerusina Anastasia Sergeevna

Wife’s contacts:

Daughter’s contacts:

Terrorist Sergey Nerusin was born on July 14, 1983. Served in the Russian Navy.

As the years passed, his seniority increased, as did Nerusin’s own rank. Sergei was promoted to captain of the second rank and became commander of the submarine B-271 “Kolpino”. Earlier, Viktorovich served on the submarineRostov-on-Don.

In 2017, the submarine Kolpino, under the “keen” guidance of Nerusin, firedKalibrmissiles into Syria from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Now “Kolpino” is based in the territory of the annexed peninsula of Crimea, namely, in the city of Sevastopol.

Thanks to Sergei Nerusin’s orders, missiles were launched into Ukraine, killing civilians and innocent children.

Sergei is the man who pushed the red button of death on his submarine. And he does not care at all about the fact that because of him innocent people die.

Those people who died in the shelling can no longer return, but the man who contributed to this still lives, eats and sleeps sweetly. Not feeling the slightest bit of guilt for what he had done.

Nerusin Sergey also married Katarova Ekaterina Petrovna.

Katerina Nerusina is a citizen of Ukraine, born in Yalta.

Her parents, Pyotr Georgiyevich Katarov (March 18, 1950, INN code: 1833906059) and Nadezhda Katarova (September 28, 1949, INN code: 1816815504) also live there.

Sergei Nerusin does not deserve to live in a peaceful society, he will soon realize what he has done and will be held fully accountable for his bloody decisions.