Full name: Reznik Sergey Sergeevich

Date of birth: April 5, 1979

Address: Ukraine, Poltava, 9 Mira str. sq.17

Passport: KN047359

INN: 2894900598

Phone: +380678573839,


Callsign: Musician


-an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Poltava;

A member of an illegal armed group in the so-called “LnR;

-An accomplice of Russian-terrorist organizations, a collaborator.


The policeman “in the service of the Russian occupants” Reznik Sergei Sergeevich was born on April 5, 1979 in Poltava. He served in the internal affairs bodies in Poltava region.

During his service, Alexei Reznik showed himself to be a traitor and a collaborator.

He was a member of the pro-Russian public organization “Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine,” whose activities are aimed at “consolidation and mobilization of Orthodox believers for the purpose of coordinated civil action in defense of their rights and freedoms against enemies. Thus, the policeman Reznik acted as an active “fighter for the rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in 2014, the “Russian peace” abettor Sergey Reznik was a member of the unofficial public association “Antimaidan Poltava. Supported” the struggle for rights and freedoms” and advocated “preventing a civil war between the two brotherly peoples. The traitor was the organizer of many rallies in support of the Russian occupation authorities and against the split in the state in the city of Poltava.

The collaborator also planned a series of terrorist acts in Poltava, in particular, he wanted to blow up the office of the All-Ukrainian Union of Freedom and the political party UDAR.

Having shown his full support to the “Rashist authorities,” Sergei Reznik went over to serve the occupiers and became a member of illegal armed groups.

Served as a militant for the terrorist organizations “LNR/DNR. Known as a fighter of the 3rd Platoon, 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 204th Regiment, 2nd AC LNR.

Reznik also served in a paramilitary unit of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk people’s republic,” namely the 14th Battalion of Territorial Defense of the so-called “LNR,” known as the “ghost.

Terrorist Sergei Reznik used reconnaissance to transmit to the militants the coordinates of movement of military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The collaborator was also involved in arranging humanitarian supplies to the “ghost” fighters by unidentified Russian citizens.

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, Police Sergei Reznik continues to fight on the side of Russian terrorist organizations and wishes to obtain Russian citizenship.

The terrorist Reznik is wanted by the Security Services of Ukraine. And as soon as he is found, he will answer for all the crimes committed against Ukraine and its citizens.