Full name: Sergey Anatolyevich Rybachok

Date of birth: June 13, 1961

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Kherson

Place of residence: Kherson, 28 Tekuchenny Alley, bld. 50.


  • Kherson Agricultural Institute, specialty: engineer-hydromeliorator,
  • Kherson State Agrarian University, qualification: manager-economist

DRFO code: 2244407173

Mobile numbers: +380552491093, +380675515525

Sports achievements: Master of Sports of the USSR in rowing and canoeing, participated in international competitions abroad

Hobbies: lover of Egyptian history

Occupation: t.n. first deputy head of the civil-military administration of the city of Kherson

Social activities:
  • member of the Council of Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • member of the Council of the Federation of Sports Orienteering of Ukraine;
  • Member of the Board of the Association of Taxpayers in the Kherson region

Labor Path:

Sergei Anatolievich’s work is indeed surprising and even impressive.

1983 – Chief Hydraulic Engineer of the agricultural enterprise “Lebezhansky”, Chuguev district, Kharkov region.

1983-1985 – service in the Soviet Army.

1985 – Chief Hydraulic Engineer of the agricultural enterprise “Kommunar” in Nikolaev region, later became Deputy Chairman.

1987 – Deputy Director of School #52 in Kherson. It is important to note that Sergei has no specialized education, only experience in teaching history. It is worth emphasizing that Sergei was a military instructor in the school, engaged in military-patriotic work. Thanks to his initiative and attitude, the school ranked second in the USSR for military-patriotic education.

1992-Founded a freight forwarding company, Typhoon;

1997 – one of the founders of Amalthea LLC, a manufacturer of TV sets;

20022004 – Chairman of the Board of OJSC “Kherson Cotton Mill”;

20022010 – commercial director of the Typhoon forwarding company;

20082011 – Head of the Committee for Technical Supervision of Construction in Kherson region.

2012 – Director of Amalthea LLC.

On the whole, Sergei’s business activities always ended miserably. One such case was the loan that Delta Bank rf gave to Amalthea LLC for 5 years.

A credit line was opened for $6 million. dollars at 13% per annum, but there was an important condition that this money be paid back by July 12, 2016. As a result, the money never returned to the bank, it is unknown exactly what decision was made back then by the bank and the highest political leadership of the rf.

However, years passed and Sergei was remembered, and at the right time he was yanked to his services in order to help Russia pull off the referendum scam.

As a true conspiracy theorist, Sergei even managed to invent a pseudonym for himself on the official website of the city administration. Kherson. In the role of the first deputy head of the administration of the city of Kherson is a certain Ushinsky Semyon Anatolievich. Nice try, but I wonder who it was meant for.