Full name: Sabo Sergey Stepanovich

Date of birth: August 11, 1971

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Gorlovka

Places of residence:

Donetsk region, Gorlovka, Voznesensky street 33, sq. 5;

Donetsk region, Gorlovka, Lenina str. 15, sq. 37.

Rank: Colonel of Internal Service

Number of the order on assignment of the title, by whom and when signed: Order No. 73 of the Ministry of Justice of the DNR of 01.07.2016

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VS258296

Identification number: 2615519870

License plate: 18948EN

Mobile numbers: +380965161537, +380634984549, +380955186222, +380713016843, +380955186223, +380624225784, +380624266571

Occupation: collaborator, t.n. Head of the Nikiten penal colony in Gorlovka



Wife Renata

Date of birth: 07.10.1978


Date of birth: June 25, 2005

Labor Path:

2004 – Detective Officer of the UE-312-87 Institution, Captain;

2009 – Chief of the UE-312-87 institution;

2011 – first deputy head of the UE-312-87 institution;

2011 – Head of the Yenakiieve penal colony;

2014 – leader of a terrorist group in the “DnR;

2015 – militant

2015 – Head of the Nikiten penal colony in Gorlovka,
Lieutenant Colonel

2018 – militant
1st Army Corps
illegal armed formation

2019 – Head of the Nikiten penal colony in Gorlovka,

Sergei Stepanovich Sabo served all his life in the internal affairs bodies. In such a great period of time he managed to rise to the rank of colonel, where he built and led a criminal syndicate. Honor means nothing to this man, much less an officer’s honor.

In one of the most difficult periods in Ukraine, Sergey Stepanovich betrayed his oath as an officer and went over to the side of the occupant, but what is there to be surprised about if money decides everything for many people, even if you took an oath and served your country.

It is worth noting that Sergei Stepanovich, as head of the penitentiary, repeatedly engaged in black schemes, namely: engaged in embezzlement of prisoners’ money, letting drugs into the prison, using ex-convicts to promote and distribute drugs.

In 2014, Sergey defected to the side of the occupant and to this day remains in the ranks of the traitors. Given Sergei’s position, one of his first decisions after joining the occupier’s side was to bring in convicts from the colony to staff the so-called “DPR.
1st Army Corps of the “DnR” People’s Militia

Prisoners who refused to cooperate and fight for the occupier were brutally abused by Sergei’s orders, and prisoners were also threatened about their families and loved ones.

In addition, Sergey Stepanovich spoke before the employees of his colony, where he persuaded them to protect the so-called “DPR”.
Moreover, Sergey Stepanovich spoke before the employees of his penal colony, where he urged them to defend the so-called “DPR” and told his subordinates that the Russian Federation was more interested in ensuring a good future for the “republics” than Ukraine.