Full name: Sergey Shcheglov

Address: Ukraine,Lugansk


-an employee of the internal affairs bodies of Ukraine;

-fighter of illegal armed formations LNR ;

-collaborator, collaborator of Russian occupants


Sergei Shcheglov – born in the city of Lugansk. Graduated from Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs named after Eduard Alekseevich Didorenko in 2012. He worked in the law enforcement agencies of Luhansk Oblast, and also paid a working visit to Moscow in 2014.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Sergey turned out to be a criminal, terrorist, and collaborator. Since 2014, Sergey supported the occupation policy of the Russian Federation and led a separatist movement in the Luhansk region. At the same time, the policeman defected to the side of the Russian invaders and became a member of the “people’s militia of the LNR .

The terrorist Shcheglov was also a fighter of one of the mechanized brigades of the 2nd army corps of the “people’s militia of the LNR . The traitor was also engaged in the persecution of people with a pro-Ukrainian position. Actively participated in the illegal referendum on the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on February 24, 2022, the terrorist Sergei Shcheglov joined the ranks of the “LNR prosecutor’s office,” took the oath and continued to fight on the side of the occupiers and was appointed by the occupiers as an investigator for the LNR” prosecutor’s office.

It is such scum as the collaborator and terrorist Sergei Shcheglov who deserves the harshest measures of punishment. The traitor must answer to the people on all their merits. Because there is no forgiveness for people like him.