Full name: Evstyunin Sergey Vadimovich

Date of birth: 28.01.1975

Address: Ukraine,Kherson


– an employee of an agribusiness company;

– An accomplice of the “Russian world,” a collaborator;

– participant of the pseudo-referendum



An accomplice of the Rashists and a collaborator, Sergei Vadimovich Yevstyunin was born in the city of Kherson. He worked in one of the agro-firms in Kherson and was engaged in the wholesale sale of seedlings.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders in February 2022, the adherent of the “Russian world” showed his anti-Ukrainian position and openly supported the arrival of the “liberators. In personal conversations, Yevstyunin repeatedly “started topics” in which he discredited the Armed Forces of Ukraine and supported the russian authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the invaders came, he began praisingtheRussian world” and advocated Ukraine’s annexation to Russia. The traitor’s wife also went to build a career with the occupying authorities and took a position as head teacher of the Solontsov gymnasium in the Oleshkova district of the Kherson region.

The collaborator himself is actively spreading the narrative of Russian propaganda. Together with his wife, they were directly involved in the processes of a pseudo-referendum on the territory of the Kherson region. Collaborator Sergey Evstyunin also promotes Russian fakes and narratives about the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP by the Ukrainian side.

For his collaborationist activities and pro-Russian position, the traitor Sergei Vadimovich will be held accountable before the people and before the law. Collaborator awaits imminent punishment.