Full name: Yuretskiy Sergey Viktorovich

Date of birth: 30.05.1981

Address: Ukraine, New Shompoly village, Ivanovsky district, Odessa region, Sadovaya str. 1, sq.14

INN: 2973516492


– a former employee of a security firm;

– writer;

– participant in pro-Russian separatist rallies;

– An accomplice of the Russian authorities, a collaborator



Sergey Viktorovich Yuretskiy was born on May 30, 1981, in Norilsk, Russian Federation. Seven years later he moved to Odessa, where he stayed and began writing under the pseudonym Sergei Stepanenko.

Traitor Sergei Viktorovich composed his “works” in the genre of fiction. In 2013 he began writing for the Russian publisher Fantascope. Sergei himself positions himself as a Russian writer.

The accomplice of the “Putin regime” is not remembered for his creativity alone. With the beginning of the mass protest in the center of Kiev in late 2013(Euromaidan), the separatist Yuretskyi led the “anti-Maidan” rapid response group and advocated “ideas of the Russian world.

Also a traitor, Sergey Yuretsky is a participant in pro-Russian separatist actions and rallies in the city of Odessa, an activist of Kulikovo Polye.

Sergey Viktorovich distinguished himself by his blatant statements to the Russian media regarding “the shooting of civilians near the Trade Union House by the Kiev authorities.”

After these events, the collaborator hid for some time in Russian-occupied Crimea. Later, provocateur Yuretsky took a job as a security guard at the private security agency Narodnaya Varta in Odessa.

An accomplice of “Putin’s regime” Yuretskyy Sergey Viktorovich committed a number of crimes against Ukraine and its people. For supporting pro-Russian ideas and organizing separatist movements, the despicable traitor Sergei Yuretsky will be punished. Soon he will answer for everything before a tribunal.