Full name: Zhurba Sergey Nikolayevich

Date of birth: 02.09.1971

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Lugansk

Places of residence:

г. Lugansk

  • Semyonov St., 37;
  • ul. 91A Lomonosova St., apt. 134


– Military Academy of Engineering and Space named after A.F. Mozhaisky;

– Lugansk State University of Internal Affairs

Identification number: 2617718512

Rank: Colonel

Mobile numbers: +380505206427, +380505206467, +380935791864, +380713007940, +38380935791864, +380713007940

occupation: head of the department of execution of punishments t.n.m.d.


Wife – Zhurba Tatiana Alekseevna.

Education: Luhansk State Medical University, specialty: medical business

Occupation: obstetrician-gynecologist

Labor Path:
  • Head of the Physical Training and Sports Department of the Personnel Department;
  • Commander of a separate battalion of traffic police under the Traffic Police Department;
  • Commander of a separate special battalion of the judicial police “Gryphon”;
  • Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Luhansk region;

2013 – Head of the Department of Public Security of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Luhansk region;

2015 – Head of Sentence Execution Institutions


  • Head of the Penitentiary #17, Lugansk. Lugansk;
  • government representative “dnr”;
  • head of the military police department of the mvd.
  • an illegal military formation militant “dnr”;

2017 – deputy acting head of the mvd.

2019 – mvd. “lnr”. – Department of Corrections, Head of Department;

2021 – Head of the Department of Corrections of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Before the wave of protests began in many Ukrainian cities, Sergei received an offer to go over to the side of the Russian Federation. As a reward for committing treason he received a corresponding promotion, and the occupation authorities also gave Sergei and his family protection in the form of armed guards.

By his own example, he advised all his employees to go over to the side of the so-called The occupation authorities promised all personnel promotions, high salaries, and the opportunity to receive free education in Russian educational institutions.

With the protection and mediation of Sergei Nikolaevich, the sale of drugs was established in Crimea. The “cover-up” of the gambling business and prostitution in the so called.

Supported the Russian Federation’s large-scale war against Ukraine, made recommendations regarding the participation of MIA officers
in combat operations for a period of one month to gain combat experience.