Full name: Zmievsky Sergey Nikolayevich

Date of birth: July 28, 1976

Place of birth: Kherson region, Berislavsk district, Rakovka village

Place of residence: Kherson region, Berislavsky district, Rakovka village, Lenina/Centralnaya street 29

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MO222309

Identification number: 2172011272

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MO 222309 issued on 12/30/1996 by Berislavsky Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson region

Driver’s license: AGE091887

Mobile numbers: +380979926626, +380660985620, +380676600276

Email: [email protected]

Occupation: t.n. an employee of the occupation administration in the village of. Rakovka, Kherson region



Son – Zmievsky Nikolai Sergeyevich.

Date of birth: July 18, 1987

Education: Kherson State Agrarian University


Labor Path:

Retired internal affairs officer;


  • district police inspector;
  • an employee of the internal affairs bodies;
  • the head of the village. Rakovka from the occupation administration of the Russian Federation.

The Political Way:
  • Rakovsky Rural Council of People’s Deputies;
  • a member of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Collaborationist activities:

He began to voluntarily cooperate with the occupation troops of the Russian Federation. He openly advocates the ideas of the “Russian world” and supports the actions of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories. Together with his son, he helps the occupation troops, passing the coordinates of the location of military equipment and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the occupiers.

To conduct reconnaissance, Sergey Nikolaevich uses a quadcopter, which he received from the occupation authorities.

Sergei’s son Nikolai served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is a participant in combat operations.

Sergei Nikolayevich provided places of residence (temporary stay) for the occupying troops. As a former police officer, he gave the occupants the addresses of places of residence of law enforcement officers and ATO/OSS participants, as well as their families and relatives. Claims that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “hit civilian infrastructure” using the HIMARS reactive artillery system.

On August 9, it became known that during the destruction by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the locations of the Russian invaders, Sergey left the village of Rakovka and currently resides in Crimea, the city of Feodosia. Feodosia.

He uses his YouTube channel to explain his views on the current war in Ukraine, often raises the language issue, and involves his daughter-in-law, Tatiana, in the videos.