Full name: Sydys Vladislavovich Khovalyg and Buyan Vladislavovich Khovalyg

Eldest son: Sildys, born in 1987

Younger son: Buyan, born in 1995.

Place of birth: Republic of Tyva

Citizenship: Russian Federation

Family members:

Father – KhovalygVladislav Tovarishtayovich


Brothers and Sisters-ShonchalaiKhovalyg, Aldyn-ool Khovalyg, Davaa Khovalyg, Taisuu Khovalyg, Aiche Khovalyg


The older sons of the Russian statesman and political figure Vladislav Tovarishtayovich Khovalyg are Sildys and Buyan.

Since April 7, 2021 my father has been the acting head of the Tyva Republic and represents the regional branch of the United Russia party.

Vladislav Tovarishtayovich is an avid family man, so from an early age he tried to instill in his sons the most correct qualities and was engaged in their upbringing himself. In his interviews, he often uses the phrase of his ancestors: “Honor to the industrious, shame to the lazy. That’s why Sildys and Buyan grew up to be very “decent people” and managed to inherit only their father’s last name and nothing more.

Sildys, the eldest son, already has a family of his own, works as a civil servant at the Ministry of Justice of the Tuva Republic, so he knows the law very well and how to get around it. Bujan’s youngest son, when he was a student at Tuva State University, was taken to serve in the army, where after completing his military service he went to work as a small businessman. But in 2022 the motherland again called the Tuvan bogatyrs to pay tribute.

After the announcement of the mobilization, civil servant Sildys, together with his family (his wife and two children), fled to China, while the younger son Buyan curtailed his business and also went under the wing of his older brother, although he is the one who falls under the number of men of conscription age. Apparently, the skills obtained during military service did not match the methods of upbringing of Vladislav Khovalyg’s father. After all, he taught that family is the main thing, but the offspring decided that it is not necessary to protect it at all, it is easier to flee abroad and enjoy life in peace.