Full name: Sivak Gennady Anatolyevich

Date of birth: November 20, 1969

Address: Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol. Simferopol; Kherson region, Genichesk, Pushkina lane 26.

DRFO: 2579208554




a separatist, an accomplice to the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation;

a member of the illegal armed group, participant in hostilities in the Donbass against Ukraine;

is the founder of the pro-Russian “Spas” party;

anti-Ukrainian propagandist;

– t.s. “head of the occupation administration of Genichesk;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;





Not married, no children.

A real, one might say “terrestrial” traitor with a long track record, Gennady Sivak was born on November 20, 1969 in Ukraine. Before the beginning of Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine, no one knew much about it. He was a nobody, a nobody at all. He ran a small business in the form of a couple of stalls and lived quietly. Sivak, unsurprisingly, had no higher education.

Since the beginning of the illegal occupation of the Crimean peninsula of the Russian Federation in early 2014, Gennady Sivak has been “reformatted,” and has become an exemplary representative of the “Russian world. Never interested in politics, Gennady goes to Crimea to aid the Russian Federation in its annexation of the peninsula. After the start of criminal prosecution in Ukraine against him, Sivak remains in occupied Crimea in order to avoid imprisonment in a Ukrainian prison.

Sivak decided not to stop at his participation in the seizure of Crimea by the Russian Federation and went to Donbass to participate in combat operations against the Ukrainian government forces on the side of the so called. “DPR” and “LPR. He even received several “awards” for his active participation in the insurgency, which he willingly brags about in photos on social networks.

For unknown reasons, Gennady stopped participating in the NVF and moved back to Crimea, where he “retrained” as an anti-Ukrainian propagandist. However, he was not called to popular propaganda programs and worked mainly with “consumer goods” – unpopular propaganda sites and local channels. Also decided to play politics and created a dead party “Social-Patriotic Assembly of Slavs,” which remained in oblivion.

Being a “proven” traitor, after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Sivak is sent by his patrons to the temporarily occupied Russian city of Genichesk as “head of the occupation administration of the city. In this position, he cleansed the city of pro-Ukrainian citizens and resistance fighters. But, he should not think that this time he will get away with it, because the Kherson partisans have already taken him under the gun as one of the main traitors and collaborators of the occupants. The Russian Federation itself does not trust its protégé, because before the liberation of Genichesk by Ukrainian troops he may “change sides”, so in the near future he may be liquidated not by the Ukrainian Resistance, but by the FSB, which has the task of getting rid of the waste material.