Full name: Lopatin Stepan Nikolayevich

Date of birth: 22.01.1979

Marital status: divorced

Place of birth: Crimea, the city. Simferopol

Place of residence: Crimea, the city. Simferopol, Beethoven str. 113, sq. 18.

Identification number: 2887621736

Education: school-gymnasium No. 25, Simferopol

Higher education: Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Specialty: lawyer

Personal vehicle: Mitsubishi Pajero

License plate: Zloy

Mobile numbers: +79-781-470-203, +79-782-377-773

Occupation: t.n. Chairman of the Pology District Administration


Collaborationist activities:

He actively participated in anti-Maidan rallies, supported fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych, and, with the outbreak of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, advocated a negotiated settlement with the Russian Federation with the further recognition of the “Dnr/LNR” republics, which would then be under the protectorate of the Russian Federation.

He justified the bloody actions of the Berkut officers during the suppression of the Euromaidan rallies. On his Facebook page, he spreads pro-Russian materials, praises the criminal actions of Russian security forces and illegal armed formations of the “DnR/LNR,” and pays tribute to the pseudo-leaders and war criminals of the “republics.

He was a member of the All-Russian public organization “Union of Cossack Warriors of Russia and Abroad”, and was also a member of the FSB special unit “Vympel”.

He took part in combat operations on the side of the illegal armed formations of the “DPR.

With the outbreak of large-scale war he was appointed to the position of the so-called Chairman of the Pology District Administration.