Full name: Yaroshchuk Stepan Stepanovich

Date of birth: April 23, 1964

Place of birth: Lutsk, Ukraine

Occupation: Acting Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, war criminal

Address of residence:

Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, Kalininets village, 25, sq.67

Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, Kalininets village, 30, sq.39


INN: 503009330700

Passport: 0809 835001

Driver’s license: AVR 167387

Car: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, license plate H773EK777


Phone: +79263375376


Wife: Svetlana Goncharova

Date of birth: 26.01.1970

Address of residence: Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, Kalininets village, 30, sq.39


INN: 503011173893

ID CARD: 16375654192

Passport: 6014 721286

Son: Goncharov Danila Stepanovich

Date of birth: 09.08.2002

Place of registration: Russia, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, Kalininets village, 30, sq.39

Passport: 6017 001080

INN: 503018804562

SNILS: 16477813001

Phone: +79281867476

Email: [email protected]

Biography of Stepan Yaroshuk:

Yaroshchuk was born in Lutsk (Ukraine) on April 23, 1964. Graduated from the Tbilisi Higher Artillery Command School in 1985. Yaroshchuk fought in Afghanistan, in 1987-1989 he commanded a mortar battery. Then he participated in the punitive operation of the Russian Federation against the Chechen people in 2000.

In 2002, he commanded the 147th self-propelled artillery regiment (in the military unit 73966, Kalininets). He was Chief of Staff of Missile Forces and Artillery of the Far Eastern Military District (Khabarovsk). Then he was transferred to a similar position in the Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don). He received the rank of major general in 2013. Yaroshchuk has been actively participating in Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014. Most of the shelling of Ukrainian territory is on his conscience.

The terrorist activities of Stepan Yaroshchuk:

Yaroshchuk’s most famous war crime was the shelling of the Vostochniy Microdistrict in the city of Mariupol on January 24, 2015. Thirty-one civilians died and 117 more were wounded. Major-General Yaroshchuk was personally in charge of this “operation”, which is confirmed by Bellingcat investigation. He has been wanted by the SBU since 2018. After the name of the war criminal was declassified by journalists, he was “sent into exile” – to manage the shelling of cities in Syria.

There he distinguished himself by his brutality against civilians and his series of indiscriminate strikes against civilian infrastructure. So it’s not surprising that after that Yaroschuk was promoted. Already in 2019, he was deputy head of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the rf Ministry of Defense. And now he performs the duties of the commander of the GRAU (in/number 64716). Awarded the orders of Kutuzov and Zhukov.

You can send “warm words” to the murderer and war criminal by calling +79263375376.

Stepan Yaroshchuk’s family

The war criminal Yaroshchuk thoroughly cleaned up the data about himself from the expanses of the Internet. But online archives cherish a few important facts from his biography. So, for example, it is known that as of 2006, Major General Yaroshchuk owned an apartment in Lutsk at 3 Ladygina Street, a quarter of 46. He received his Russian passport (number 0809 835001) only on May 21, 2009. The major general drives a 2014 Toyota Prado with license plates H773EK777.

At the moment Yaroshchuk is registered at the following address. Kalininets, 25, sq. 67. This is a military settlement near Moscow, where the elite 2nd Taman Motorized Rifle Division is stationed. Yaroshchuk also listed apartment #39, building 30 in the same settlement as his place of residence. There are two people registered there, with whom the head of GRAU uses two identical mobile numbers – with a high probability they are the family of the major-general.

Svetlana Yurievna Goncharova (born on January 26, 1970, passport 6014 721286 issued on November 03, 2001). Judging by her current page on Odnoklassniki, she is the wife of a high-ranking military official. This is evidenced by her photos at governor’s balls, her vacation in the elite sanatorium of the Russian Defense Ministry in the Crimean Saki and Arkhyz resort. Goncharova’s old OK page lists Khabarovsk as her place of residence, just as Yaroshchuk was serving there.

Danila Stepanovich Goncharov (born on August 9, 2002, passport 6017 001080, issued on September 23, 2016). On his VKontakte page, he lists Rostov-on-Don as his place of residence. Danila was active in it during the years when Major General Yaroshchuk served in this city. In 2019, he graduated from School No. 1253 (Moscow). He is currently in his third year at the Military University of the Russian Ministry of Defense (prosecutor’s and investigative faculty). Goncharov also used to be quite active on Odnoklassniki and Instagram, but something forced him to delete personal data and information that could identify loved ones. Although he still has his mother’s real last name in his VK friends – Svitlana Yaroshchuk.