Full Name: Stepan Sergeevich Zhirnov

Date of Birth: 27.12.1988

Date of death: 12/22/2023

Place of birth: Seryshevo settlement, Amur region

Occupation: senior lieutenant, navigator of SU-34 (v/h 62632), war criminal

Places of residence:

  • Lipetsk, territory of the military camp, building 81
  • Lipetsk, 11, Sergei Esenin Blvd., kv.32
  • Chelyabinsk, 18 Burdenyuka St., Apt. 41
  • 13, Yasnaya St., Kinel, Samara region
  • Khabarovsk region, Khurba village, 5, Dobrovolskogo street, sq.40.


  • passport: 3609065586
  • TIN: 635001176428
  • SNILS: 17952456009
  • personal number: 1196024

Transportation: Volvo XC90, 2006, burgundy, license plate number O863AH48


[email protected]

Wife: Julia Mikhailovna Zhirnova

Date of birth: 16.08.1991




Ivan Zhirnov (son)

Alena Zhirnova (daughter)

Ludmila Fyodorovna Zhirnova (mother)

Date of Birth: 06.03.1963

Sergey Vyacheslavovich Zhirnov (father)

Date of Birth: 03.02.1963

Ekaterina Sergeevna Zhirnova (sister)

Date of birth: 1992

Biography of Stepan Zhirnov

On December 22, near the village of Krinki in the occupied part of the Kherson region, the navigator of a Rashist SU-34, senior lieutenant Stepan Zhirnov, was liquidated. Thanks to the successful work of the Ukrainian air defense that day, three fighters of the occupants were destroyed.

Zhirnov was born on December 27, 1988 in the village of Seryshevo in the Amur region of Russia, located near the Russian-Chinese border. Rashist was buried in the same village on December 29, 2023.

The occupant began his service in the 277 Bomber Aviation Regiment (v/h 77983), stationed in the village of Khurba, Khabarovsk Krai rf. Most recently, he served at the Aviation Personnel Training and Troop Testing Center (v/h 62632) located in the city of Lipetsk. In addition to fighting against Ukraine, Zhirnov also took part in the rf military intervention in Syria.

Stepan Zhirnov’s Instagram

After Zhirnov’s death, his wife decided to hide all public profiles, but she missed something. Specifically the occupier’s Instagram profile. In view of recent events, the description on Zhirnov’s page is ironic: “I’m 30 and everything is just beginning…”

Judging by the occupant’s Instagram, before making the fatal decision to bomb Ukraine, he was enjoying life: drinking Irish beer, vacationing with his family in Crimea and skiing at a ski resort in Samara. In the comments of a video from the mountains that Rashist posted in January 2022, after his death, someone wrote: “Looks like your season’s already closed, Vasya.”

The fate of Stepan Zhirnov

The fate of Stepan Zhirnov is yet another example of the fact that despite a calm and measured life, the Rashists created problems for themselves by attacking Ukraine. And now Ukrainians have no other choice but to teach the occupiers a lesson for all the war crimes they have committed.