Full name: Mezheritskaya Svetlana Vitalievna

Date of birth: December 7, 1966

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Khmelnitsky region, Shepetivka

Place of residence: Kherson, Ushakov avenue, 64B, sq. 85

DRFO code: 2444713763

Mobile number: +380505299255, +79900031401

Occupation: t.n. Head of the Health Care Department of the Kherson City Council under the occupation authority


– Sergei Sergeevich Mezheritsky

Date of birth:

Kherson State University

The political/labor path:

20102015 – deputy of the Kherson city council of the 6th convocation, she was elected as a member of the “Communist Party of Ukraine“, at the same time she was the chief doctor of the city skin and venereal medicine clinic.

2015 – headed the Department of Health of the Kherson City Council;

Member of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Welfare;

Deputy of the Kherson regional organization from the party “Our Edge”.

  • Apartments in Kherson 62, 75.4 and 34.2 square meters;
  • garden house in the city of Kherson area of 55 square meters;
  • Land in the city of Kherson area of 1199 square meters;
  • apartment in Khmelnitsky.

Family Transportation:

  • Nissan Qashqai 2014;
  • Hyundai Getz 2007;
  • Toyota Rav4 2018;
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 2016;
  • small motorboat 2008.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

After capturing Kherson, she voluntarily took the side of the occupant and is a confidant of Vladimir Saldo and Vitaly Bulyuk.

He holds the position of t. head of the health protection department of the Kherson city council under the occupation authority, provides medical assistance to the rf military and collaborators.