Full name: Prychepiy Svetlana Mustafayevna

Date of birth: 22.07.1967

Place of birth: Zarapsha, Uzbekistan

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Beryslav district, Kazatskoye village, 4 Izdryganov str.

TIN: 2467420360

Contacts: +38050783065,+380554653478, +380689894724

Email: [email protected]


Husband – Prichepiy Viktor Pavlovich, 01.01.1960

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Akimov district, Peremozhne village.

Passport: MO 747473

Email: [email protected]

Daughters: Prichepiy Angelika Viktorovna, 22.07.1986

Inna Viktorovna Prichepiy, 02.04.1999


– individual entrepreneur ;

– an active collaborator with the Russian occupation authorities;

– head of the “election commission” for the pseudo-election;

– the abettor of the “unified voting day” on the territory of Kherson Oblast



Prychepiy Svetlana Mustafayevna is a collaborator who voluntarily agreed to participate in illegal elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Originally from Uzbekistan. Since her youth and the beginning of her working life she has lived in Ukraine, in Berislav district of Kherson region with her husband and two daughters. Husband – Victor Pavlovich Prychepiy was engaged in entrepreneurial activity in agro-industrial sphere. The eldest daughter, Angelika, worked in the Berislava District Department of Education.

For some time the woman’s labor activity was her own business. The woman was registered as an individual entrepreneur, but her activity was liquidated.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation troops on the territory of Ukraine, Svetla Mustafaevna found a new “specialty” and decided to find employment under the Russian occupiers.

In September 2022, the traitor was directly involved in the processes of pseudo-referendum on the territory of Kherson region, because she supports the annexation of the region to the rf.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

Thus in 2023, the woman also distinguished herself with her pro-Russian sentiments and most importantly, her actions. In fact, on the eve of the September elections planned by the Russian occupants, Prychepy was involved in the organizational direction of the formation of the so-called “precinct election commissions” in the Kherson region.

The state trafficker willingly agreed to ensure the process of “voting day” and acted as an accomplice of the illegal event as “head of the election commission” of Kalanchak TEC, Kalanchak municipal district, Kalanchak settlement, Kherson street 1. At the fake polling station, Svetlana spoke about the “positive results of voting” and called for a future “together with the rf”.

For betrayal of the Motherland and “servicing” the interests of the occupants during the illegal event – pseudo-elections, Svetlana Mustafievna, an accomplice of the Russian invaders, is waiting for fair punishment before the tribunal and before the people of Ukraine.