Full name: Sherdits Svetlana Leontyevna

Date of birth: 15.07.1986

Passport: VK 045875

INN: 3160722720

Address: Ukraine, Sartana, Donetsk region, Partizanskaya str, 47-a.

Phone: +380687817507


-Teacher of the New Greek Language;

-The head of the education department of the civil-military administration of the town of Sartana under the occupation authorities;

-Traitor, abettor of the occupying power.


Traitor Sherdits Svetlana Leontyevna was born on July 15, 1986 in the township of Sartana, Donetsk region. Worked as a teacher of the Greek language in “Specialized School I-III stages № 8 named after the Hero of Ukraine Boiko V.S. Sartanskogo village military-civilian administration of Mariupol district.

Svetlana Leontyevna also served as a methodologist in the city department of education in Mariupol. The woman was a member of the city methodical association of history teachers.

A literate and sufficiently educated person, Sherdits Svetlana turned out to be a despicable traitor and collaborator of the Russian occupation authorities. After the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on February 24, 2022, Svetlana Sherdits defected to the side of the occupiers.

The corrupt hider Svetlana Leontyevna cooperates with the occupants and holds the position of head of the education department of the civil-military administration of the settlement of Sartana under the occupation authorities.

The collaborator agitates for her fellow teachers to continue working for the occupiers and teach the Russian curriculum.

For complicity with the occupying forces and her pro-Russian position, the collaborator Sherdits Svetlana Leontyevna will face imminent punishment, which will soon befall the traitor.