Full name: Tambovtsev Georgiy Anatolievich

Date of birth: August 15, 1987

Address of residence: Kherson, Spartakovsky lane, 66.

Marital status: married

DRFO code: 3200321856

Education: Kherson State University

Specialty: coach

Type of martial art: Greco-Roman wrestling

Mobile numbers: +380997658927, +380959258319


t.s. “deputy head of the Kherson regional administration for sports”.





Georgy Anatolievich learned the views and attitudes of what a real man should be himself, because he grew up without a father and does not know who the father is in the life of every boy and in the later life of an adult man. In this Georgy was “lucky” to have his wife Maria, who grew up an orphan and was brought up in an orphanage.

However, Georgy began to actively express his political and anti-Ukrainian views back in 2014, when he was recruiting volunteers for the combat units of the “Donetsk people’s republic.

In December 2016, he was seen at a pro-Russian rally, and was also seen in the circle of people from the Opposition Bloc party during the May 9 celebrations.

He is one of the ideologists and initiators of the “Russian Spring”, anti-war rebellions, and separatist movements in Kherson. He is also known as one of the leaders and participants in the “cob” movement, which has a direct relation to fans of the Soviet Union and the radical methods of solving certain issues in the manner of Joseph Stalin himself, because the name of the “cob” movement is a reference to Stalin’s nickname – cob, and the acronym “cob” itself stands for “the concept of public safety”.

You can say a lot of useless things about this organization, but it is better to describe it in a few phrases and everything will become clear: it was financed by a deputy from the political party “opzj” Viktor Medvedchuk, there are both communist and nationalist sentiments, there is esotericism and paganism.

In 2022, after the occupation of the Kherson region by Russia, Georgi Tambovtsev voluntarily cooperated with the Russian-fascist occupiers, receiving for this the position of the so-called “deputy head of the Kherson regional administration for sports”.