Full name: Abramovich Tatiana Vasilievna

Address: Ukraine, Dudchany village, Kherson region



– a self-proclaimed headman of the village of Dudchany in the Kherson region;

– an employee of the occupation administration;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator


Abramovich Tatyana Vasilyevna, a collaborator and traitor to Ukraine, was born in the village of Dudchany, Kherson Oblast. There is no data on Tatiana Vasilievna’s work activities, but when the war began, the woman found a job under the leadership of the occupation troops.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the gauleiter of the now-liberated village of Dudchany, Milovsky Commune, Tatiana Abramovich, was appointed by the occupiers in July 2022: the corresponding order was signed by the gauleiter of Beryslav district, former director of the Beryslav professional teacher training college of Kherson State University Andrey Kostyuk.

With the help of the occupants, 42-year-old Tatiana Abramovich seized the building of the Dudcha Starostat (former village council). In it the collaborator was engaged in the formation of the apparatus of the occupation “administration”, created the Russian system of “pension provision”, engaged in the settlement of Russian invaders in the village, helped them to take away cars from fellow villagers and turned in patriotically-minded people.

In fulfillment of the tasks of representatives of the Russian occupation authorities, the intruder formed the apparatus of the occupation administration in the village of Dudchany and implemented the standards and legislation of the aggressor state in the sphere of life, primarily in order to attract the local population to “passportization” and voting in a pseudo-referendum on accession to Russia.

The odious collaborator Abravovich also promoted the transition of rural economic entities to the Russian system of registration and taxation, as well as the settlement of accounts in Russian rubles.

In order to “please” the occupiers, the traitor settled Russian servicemen in the homes of local residents. She collected information about activists in the village who could resist the occupation authorities. Her husband Igor Abramovich went with her to serve the occupiers: he “headed” the village communal services and “worked” as a driver in the occupation “village council.

Abramovich Tatyana Vasilyevna will soon have to answer to the people for collaborating with the occupiers. After all, punishment for aiding and abetting the occupiers is unavoidable.