Full name: Boldar Tatiana Yurievna

Date of birth: January 27, 1981

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Starobelsky district, Danilovka village, Kolkhoznaya square, 10.





– t.s. “chief specialist of the department of life support in the village. Danilovka of the Starobel district administration of the LNR”;

– State traitor, an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;



Boldar Tatiana Yurievna is a traitor to Ukraine and an active supporter of the Russian occupation troops, born January 27, 1981 in the village of Danilovka, Luhansk region.

Tatyana lived in Danilovka until February 24, 2022. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invaders, Boldar committed high treason and voluntarily took the side of the Russian invaders.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

As soon as Russian occupation forces invaded Luhansk oblast, Tatiana vilely betrayed her native country and began “cooperating” with the occupiers. The latter appointed the traitor Boldar as “chief specialist” in the so-called “Department of Life Support of Danilovka village of Starobel district administration of the LNR”.

In her “position,” Tatiana was “actively” engaged in “providing for the vital activities” of her native village. For example, she surrendered fellow villagers who had pro-Ukrainian views or were relatives of servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the “Politsai” and the occupants. In addition, Boldar helped the looters “settle” their issues with representatives of the so-called The “occupation administration,” of course, with a “percentage” of this.

But, any atrocities will have to be accounted for. Tatyana Boldareva faces a harsh and inevitable punishment, which is approaching her every day.