Full name: Bondarenko Tatyana Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 04.04.1972

Address: Ukraine,Zaporizhzhya region,Kamenka-Dneprovska city

Contacts: +380954613538


– an accomplice of the “Russian world.”

– employee of the occupation administration of Novotroitskiy settlement on culture, youth and tourism;

– State traitor, collaborator


Bondarenko Tetyana Alexandrovna is a traitor to Ukraine, who believed in “Russian world“She was born on April 04, 1972 in the city of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, Zaporizhzhya region. She worked at the city administration in the department of youth and sports. She was also engaged in social and political activities. In 2021 was a member of the executive committee in the district political organization.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupants, the woman was among those traitors and accomplices of the occupation regime, who in the first days of the war went over to the enemy side and became puppets in the hands of pro-Russian pseudo officials in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhya region.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Voluntarily and on her own initiative Tatyana Alexandrovna went to cooperate with the occupation authorities and took the position of the head of the “Department of Culture, Youth Policy, Family and Sports of Kamensko-Dneprovskoy military-civil administration of Zaporizhzhya region”. Now the adherent of Russian cultural traditions happily performs at all propaganda events organized by local gauleiters and representatives of Putin’s regime in Kamensk-Dniprovskyi district. The collaborator participates in gatherings of pseudo-activists and discusses cultural and public issues.

He also participates in organizing and holding various events in favor of the aggressor country. Advocates “rapprochement of cooperation in the sphere of education and culture between the Russian Federation and Kherson region in order to develop the newly-annexed territories”. She was a member of the commission of the fake referendum.

The state traitor repeatedly organized Rashist events for schoolchildren with the participation of pro-Russian public figures, or rather propagandists. She was also engaged in “tourism”, namely the evacuation of children on t.nz rest in Russia, even worked in the department of culture and tourism in the Kamenka-Dneprovsk administration.

For betraying her homeland and promoting the ideas of “Russian peace“, the accomplice of the Russian occupation regime will be justly punished before the tribunal. Soon the collaborator Bondarenko Tatiana Alexandrovna will be held accountable for all her crimes.