Full name:
Tatyana Stanislavovna Kondratova

Date of Birth:



– propagandist of the “Russian world“;

– a participant in rashist activities;

– An accomplice of the Russian troops, a collaborator of the Russian army



Kondratova Tatyana Stanislavovna – a woman who lived in Ukraine all her life, but believed in “Russian world” and became an accomplice of the enemy troops, was born in the city of Kherson. There is no data on Tatyana’s official labor activity. Since the woman is characterized with a negative social profile and a lifestyle that is not quite appropriate. She studied at a vocational school and has been serving Russians since the first days of the occupation.

After the beginning of thefull-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops , Kondratova became one of the first residents of the said locality who switched to the enemy side for the incomprehensible benefits of the “Russian world”.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Now the collaborator is promoting “Russian peace” and supporting Putin‘s occupation policy. Induces the local population to get a Russian passport. I already got it myself. Activist in all propaganda shows organized by the gauleiters of Kherson region.

Thus, the woman was one of the first to wave a tricolor rag and started agitating local residents to help the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the so-called “liberators”. Loves spending time with the Russian military and then ratting out the pro-Ukrainian local population.

Tatiana didn’t just help Russian terrorists with food. Formalized their personal documents according to Russian law and tried to bribe the locals with a “decent future” in exchange for “passportization“.

For helping the enemy and betraying her homeland, the collaborator Kondratova Tatiana Stanislavovna will be justly punished, and it will come for the traitor very soon, as well as for all collaborators of Putin’s regime.