Full name: Tatyana Nikolayevna Malayeva

Date of birth: March 13, 1970

Passport: BB 500568, issued by the Oktyabrsky District Court on 29.07.1998.

INN: 2563911527

Address: Ukraine, Mariupol, Donetsk region, ul. Mitropolitskaya,100

Phone: +380982161813


-Pedagogueat the Mariupol College of Music;

-participant of community organizations;

-An accomplice of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator.

The traitor Malayeva Tatyana Nikolaevna was born on March 13, 1970 in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region.

She worked as a teacher at the Mariupol Specialized School of Music. Tatyana is also a representative of social movements and a supporter of pro-Russian parties.

Until February 24, 2022, she worked in the trade union organization of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union “Protection of Justice” of the Mariupol College of Music. Then the traitor went over to the side of the occupier and began to actively assist the occupying forces.

Collaborator contributed to the activities of Russian Federation military personnel, supports the occupation of Ukraine by the Russian armed forces. In particular, Tatyana Malaeva helped the rf with accommodation and meals.

Tatyana Malayeva, a collaborator with the occupants, will soon have to answer for treason. After all, punishment for aiding and abetting the occupiers is unavoidable.