Full name: Grabovskaya (Chyornaya) Tatiana Yurievna

Date of birth: 09.06.1976

Address: Ukraine, Kherson


-vocalist of the Kherson Regional Philharmonic Society

-participant of the “pseudo-referendum;

-collaborator, collaborator of Russian occupants



Grabovskaya (Chyornaya) Tatyana Yurievna is a state traitor who chose the side of the accomplice of “Putin’s power”, was born in Kherson. Before the war she worked as a vocalist in the Kherson Regional Philharmonic Society.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops, the woman believed in the “Russian world” and truly showed her pro-Russian stance as a collaborator and traitor.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Grabovskaya showed her commitment to the “Russian world” and in the summer of 2022, during the occupation of Kherson by the Rashists of the territory of Kherson region, the woman voluntarily and on her own initiative signed documents with the illegitimate authorities.

Then the traitor continued to engage in “culture” under the guidance of the occupants, rejoicing at the new promised money. According to witnesses’ testimonies, Tetyana developed vigorous anti-Ukrainian activities, helped the Rashists to collect information about the availability of resources in the Philharmonic for propaganda events, and took part in several concerts.

Grabowska also participates in joint propaganda activities with the Russians and their henchmen. Participated in the organization and holding of an illegitimate referendum, voted “for” the annexation of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation.

The traitor Tatyana Yurievna Grabovskaya will answer to the tribunal for her assistance and cooperation with the Russian occupation power. The collaborator of the occupiers and terrorists, as well as all other collaborators, will receive a just punishment.