Full name: Tatyana Alekseevna Cherepanova

Date of birth: 02.05.1988

Address: Ukraine,Kherson region,Genichesk town


– a fan of the “Russian world;

– a member of a youth organization under the occupation authorities in Kherson;

– An accomplice of the occupation authorities, a collaborator, a pseudo-teacher according to Russian educational standards.


Cherepanova Tatyana Alekseevna – a young collaborator who believed in the “Russian world“, was born on May 02, 1988 in the city of Genichesk After the arrival of “liberators” on the territory of Kherson region Tatyana believed in the values of the “Russian world” promised by the aggressors and voluntarily went over to the side of the occupation authorities, betrayed her native country.

In 2022, after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian FederationThe young woman cooperated with the occupation authorities and voluntarily joined the social movements of the occupation authorities. The collaborator worked in the organization “I am Kherson” and engaged in activities that benefit the aggressor country and help make the picture of a peaceful “Russian world“.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

At first, the traitor began to actively participate in the “social life” of the city under the occupation authorities. The young traitor also joined the ranks of social movements under the occupation authorities and actively promoted Putin’s policies in the Kherson region. Tanya received a passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation to “please her parents”.

In addition, the collaborator was employed under the occupation authorities of Genichesk in one of the secondary schools, which was seized by the Rashists and reorganized according to Russian legislation, she was appointed to the “position” of a teacher of Russian language. She also took part in a pseudo-referendum, because she believes that Kherson region is a territorial part of Russia.

For complicity with the occupying forces and her pro-Russian stance, the collaborator will certainly answer before the law of Ukraine and be punished for her criminal actions.