In the town of Oleshki (Kherson region) the occupants conduct punitive raids and kill for Ukrainian passports. We found those responsible for these crimes.

Against the background of the expansion of the Ukrainian armed forces’ bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper, the Rashists are panicking and taking out their anger over their failures on civilians, including in the town of Oleshki. They believe the Ukrainian underground is to blame.

Locals told that the city is virtually isolated, with occupiers conducting raids in the streets and scrutinizing at checkpoints. They’re looking for spotters and partisans.

Those who are found in possession of a Ukrainian passport are beaten and kidnapped. Several people were found dead, the circumstances of their deaths the Rashists are hiding.

We have established who is responsible for repressions against civilians of the occupied part of the Kherson region. These are the head of the local Rosguard Gennady Faizulin and “fsbshnik” Vadim Trotsenko. Also in the town of Oleshki, soldiers of the 24th motorized rifle regiment, commanded by Anatoly Kazantsev, are atrocious.

We found and declassified the identities of war criminals and their families.

The head of the “Kherson Oblast Rosgvardia Department”


Colonel Gennady Faizulin

Colonel Gennady Faizulin (27.06.1973). He has been in the agencies since 1997, and has served as Head of the Russian Guard in the Republic of Mari El. In early 2023 he was appointed to a similar post in occupied Kherson region. Responsible for fighting guerrillas, intimidation and repression of civilians.

+79170703819 (tg)
passport: 8800099375
TIN: 121511959154
SNILS: 00290142391
auto: Hyundai Tucson, M343UM12.
address: 14, Stepana Razina St., Yoshkar-Ola, sq.124

Wife: Faizulina (Chernykh) Elena Evgenievna, 10.03.1974
+79024303720 (tg, vyber)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Daughter: Faizulina Yulia Gennadyevna, 02.07.2007
+79877280382 (tg)
VK1, VK2, Intagram.
[email protected]

Head of the “FSB Directorate for Kherson Oblast”


Colonel Vadim Trotsenko

Colonel Vadim Trotsenko (16.07.1974). He was deputy chief of the Crimean FSB. Since January 30, he has been the head of “UfSB in Kherson region”. Responsible for the repression, torture and killing of civilians.

+79036284777 (watsapp, wyber, tg, id:208111825)
[email protected], [email protected]
passport: 4519372230
TIN: 332890718682
SNILS: 13406900531
car: Land Rover Discovery, A143AAA197
address: 24, Krylatskie Holmy, Moscow, sq.96

Wife: Trotsenko (Epishina) Angelika Anatolievna, 14.09.1975
+79164996559 (WA, TG, id:183972194)
[email protected]

Daughter: Trotsenko Svetlana Vadimovna, 29.01.1999
+79104466166 (WA, Viber, TG, id:197918350)
[email protected], [email protected]

Daughter: Trotsenko Zlata Vadimovna, 23.12.2005
+79160857844 (WA, TG, id:258944389)
[email protected], [email protected]

The commander of the 24th regiment


Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Kazantsev

Commander of the 24th Regiment of the 70th Division (m/u 12266). Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Vladimirovich Kazantsev, 27.11.1986.

[email protected]
passport: 7506031368
TIN: 742007755506
SNILS: 16721723567
rights: 6633005052
car: Land Rover Freelander, U579SV174.
г. Chelyabinsk, Novorossiyskaya str. 86, sq. 13.
г. Moscow, Sadovaya-Spasskaya St., 3k2, sq.1221 (dormitory)

Wife: Kazantseva (Kitova) Natalia Sergeevna. 01.08.1986
[email protected], [email protected]

Daughter: Kazantseva Anastasia Anatolievna, 29.10.2010
[email protected]

Son: Kirill Anatolievich Kazantsev, 04.10.2013

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