The AFU hit Oleshky

The AFU hit the yacht club in Oleshky, where the Rashists “lighted up” their location two weeks ago.

📯 Yesterday in the network appeared a video from occupied Oleshky, Kherson region, which recorded the arrival on the territory of the local yacht club “Tsyurupinskaya Konka”.

📯 According to ““, it was this yacht club that the Russians war correspondents “lit up” two weeks ago. They published a video showing a unit of the 61st brigade of the rf marine infantry advancing on boats to the Antonovsky bridge.

📯 Our Geo-osint then really stirred up the Russian Telegram trash, which began to accuse the war correspondents of leaking the positions of their troops.

📯 Recall: on July 2, Russian military correspondents published a video showing a unit of the 61st Marine Brigade of the Russian Federation advancing on boats to the Antonovsky Bridge, where the Ukrainian armed forces are holding a bridgehead.Having compared the video and images in the network, we have established the exact location of the shooting. It is the territory of the Tsyurupinskaya Konka yacht club in Oleshky.

📯 It was possible to identify the location with the help of terrain features. Namely the wooden pier, the red brick fence, the bend in the river, the vegetation.

📯 Note that the distance between the yacht club and Antonovsky Bridge is about 4 kilometers in a straight line. Given the bends in the river, it’s even bigger.

📯According to DeepStateMAP, the area from Alyoshek to Antonovsky Bridge is not controlled by either side.

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