Тихон Мамыкин

Full name: Mamykin Tikhon Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 21.05.1987

Place of birth:

Place of residence:

  • г. Blagoveshchensk, 22, Chaykovskogo str., sq. 10

Occupation: war criminal, employee of the 2nd division of the 9th Department of the DPI of the 5th service of the fsb rf


  • passport: 1007050051
  • passport: 1002540529
  • TIN: 280122798440
  • SNILS: 12233558325
  • driver’s license: 2834678915


  • Lexus IS, license plate A294BT37.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200, license plate number U320TX123.
  • Peugeot 308, license plate number X239UH47.



Wife: Mamykin (Mayorenko) Yulia Sergeevna

Date of birth: 10.10.1990



Daughter: Stephania Tikhonovna Mamykina

Date of Birth: 03.05.2019


Date of birth: 19.01.2014

Father: Alexander Dmitrievich Mamykin

Date of birth: 24.02.1962



Mother: Natalia Vitalievna Mamykina

Date of birth: 25.04.1962


BrotherEgor Alexandrovich Mamykin

Date of birth: 19.07.1988



Biography of Tikhon Mamykin

Tikhon Mamykin was born on May 21, 1987. Candidate master of sports in sambo. As of February 2020 was an employee of the FSB Department of the Amur Region. He uses the call sign “Amur”.

Tikhon Mamykin: war crimes

Tikhon Mamykin serves in the 2nd Division of the 9th Department of the DPI of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. This unit is considered the so-called “foreign intelligence” of the FSB. Specifically the department that Mamykin is responsible for the direction of “Ukraine”.

5 the fsb service became extremely “media-savvy” after the rf’s full-scale invasion of ukraine began. Thus, journalists from Western, Ukrainian and “opposition” Russian media have repeatedly written that this very service was responsible for the information and political preparation of Putin’s aggression.

However, the tasks assigned to the 5 service were completely failed. The agent network that its employees allegedly built up, in fact, existed only in reports and failed to ensure the sabotage and transfer of Ukrainian authorities in the largest cities under Russian control. While billions of rubles have been allocated for this activity.

This fact did not go unnoticed by the Russian dictator. Putin, himself a former Fsb officer, sources said he took such a blow from his former colleagues extremely painfully. Because guidance 5 service was repressed. And the personnel was sent to “pray for sins” on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Tikhon Mamykin and his colleagues were among them. The “Zaporizhzhya region” was assigned to them. They are responsible for controlling local collaborators, organizing repression of civilians with pro-Ukrainian views, fighting “saboteurs” and imposing Kremlin propaganda.

Mamykin’s crimes are documented in particular in the temporarily occupied towns of Polohy and Tokmak. Among other things, he worked as part of a temporary task force of the rf fsb rf. He was also involved in the creation of pro-Russian Telegram channels to spread propaganda of the “Russian world”.

Tikhon Mamykin’s family

Tikhon Mamykin was married in the fall of 2018. Wife – Yulia Mamykina (maiden name Mayorenko), born October 10, 1990. In her first marriage she bore the surname Kasatkina, has a son Maxim from her first marriage, Tikhon Mamykin gave birth to a daughter Stephanie. She does eyelash extensions and sells cosmetics.

The brother is His Mamykin, born July 19, 1988. Master of Sports in Sambo. Also serves in the F.S.B. Currently resides in temporarily occupied Sevastopol. Registered at 4 Budennogo Street. The government communications department, special unit “Alpha” and FSB warehouses are located there.

Mother – Natalia Mamykina, born April 25, 1962. Worked in children’s and youth sports No. 7 (Blagoveshchensk). At the moment, Mamykin’s parents live in Sochi.