Full name: Trebina Tatiana Fedorovna

Date of birth: September 15, 1963

Address of registration: Kharkov region, Kharkov, 23 Augusta str. 2A, sq. 9

DRFO code: 2326816646

Phone: +380973634284

Passport: series MK 838615, issued on May 19, 1998, by Dzerzhinskiy District of the Kharkov Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkov region.


– an activist of the separatist group Women’s Movement of Kharkiv;

– a regular participant in pro-Russian rallies in Kharkiv;

– A representative of the destructive organization “Kharkiv Compatriotism,” which is financed by the Russian special services;

– is engaged in open anti-Ukrainian propaganda in social networks on the Internet.










Tatyana Trebina was born September 15, 1963 in the city of Kharkov, where she lived on 23 Augusta Street, 2A, apartment 9.

Tatyana Trebina manifested her pro-Russian position in 2014, when she actively participated in all pro-Russian rallies in the city of Kharkiv. An ardent fan of the creation of “LDNR” quasi-state formations. She was an activist of the separatist group “Women’s Movement of Kharkov.

He is also a representative of the so-called “Kharkov community”, which is funded by the Russian special services to carry out destructive activities on the territory of the Kharkov region.

He maintains close ties with Vladimir Anatolevich Tuyev, a traitor to the motherland, born in Kharkov in 19.10.1971, who was recruited by the Russian Federation’s intelligence services.

It was with Vladimir Tuyev that Tatyana often traveled to the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as representatives of the so-called “Kharkiv Compatriot Community,” where she provided assistance to “political prisoners” in the “LDNR” who had been returned to uncontrolled territories as part of a prisoner exchange with Ukraine(source).

On her social media pages, Trebina takes an openly anti-Ukrainian stance and openly supports separatism.

Because of her destructive activities, worried about her life, she left Ukraine and lives on the territory of the aggressor country – the Russian Federation.