The Rashists were caught in a lie, claiming that the target of the attack by the AFU in Makiivka was a hospital.

📯 Rospropaganda, as usual, lied, trying to present the local hospital No. 2 as the target of the AFU strike in Makiivka. But the videos of the Russians themselves refute this.

📯 Telegram channel donetchanyn published drone footage, which captures the moment of the explosion. The Ukrainian defenders struck exactly at the ammunition depot located in the yard of an unfinished apartment building.

📯 It was this warehouse that caused the fireworks, which blew out windows in buildings 3 kilometers away.

🚨🚨 The example of strikes by the AFU in Makiivka and Akimivka clearly shows how the Russian propaganda is trying to discredit the Ukrainian army. They pass off their military targets, which are hit by the AFU, as civilians. That’s why it’s important to monitor and expose the occupiers’ throw-ins.

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