Full name: Ilmiev Vadim Viktorovich

Date of birth: 15.08.1966

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Uzbekistan, Samarkand

Place of residence: Kherson, 166 Admiral Senyavin Ave.

Education: Tashkent Higher Combined Arms Command School

DRFO code: 2433321334

Mobile numbers: +380977953009, +79900014638

Occupation: t.n. Head of the Regional Department of Health of the Civil-Military Administration in the Kherson region

The Political Way:

He was a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine;

2015 – ran for the Kherson city council of the 7th convocation from the Union of Left Forces party;

2017 – was in the leadership of the Public Movement “Ukrainian Choice – People’s Right” in the Kherson region. As a member of Viktor Medvedchuk’s organization, he served as deputy chairman of the movement’s territorial council in the Kherson region;

2020 – ran for the Kherson city council of the 8th convocation from the party vladimir saldo bloc


He is the founder of the charitable foundation “Kind Deed” and the head of the civic organization Hospital Fund

Back in 2007, all the heads of Kherson hospitals, teachers, doctors, and librarians were required to
to join the organization
“Hospital Fund.”
The fund was supposed to
in transferring a sum of 5 hryvnia from each paycheck to the social organization fund. This contribution was regarded as mutual emergency aid, which can be applied to all budgetary employees of Kherson. Kherson.

The result of the scam is that money was collected every year, but when it came to real help , no one ever allocated any money.

On July 28, it became known that under the leadership of Vadim Ilmiev, the Kherson region began to prepare for medical reforms according to Russian standards, while the occupation authorities continue to deliver humanitarian aid to Kherson and the Kherson region.

Also, while in his current position, Vadim repeatedly criticized the Ukrainian health care system, which was started by Ulyana Suprun. He argues that Ukraine’s health care reform is “permeated” by bureaucracy and the permanent desire of medical personnel to profit from patients.

In addition, Vadim assures the residents of the occupied Kherson region that the Ukrainian government managed to destroy the entire electronic system, in which hundreds of thousands of patient records were stored before they fled, but “fortunately,” thanks to the Russian government, they managed to restore everything and bring the electronic health system back into operation in a proper state.

One of the achievements of Vadim Viktorovich is that thanks to the possibility of obtaining a rf passport it became possible to use the policy of mandatory health insurance, along with this, it was possible to achieve a 2-fold increase in the salary of medical personnel, which already begins to match the standard of living of the average doctor in the rf.

Vadim Ilmiyev has repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian side continues to hit civilian infrastructure, where hospitals are a priority target. Also, in many hospitals as a result of shelling, they have to switch to backup power sources to keep the medical facilities functioning and save the lives of patients. The Ukrainian government continues to intimidate health care workers by staging terrorist attacks and fabricating fictitious cases of collaborationism.