Full name: Vadim Anatolyevich Isadchenko

Date of birth: 1990

Address: Bolshaya Blagoveshenka village, Novotroitskiy district, Kherson region



– teacher of mathematics, computer science and labor training in the village of Bolshaya Blagoveshenka, Kherson region;

– An adherent of the “Russian world,” an employee of the occupation administration;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities


Isadchenko Vadim Anatolievich – teacher-traitor was born in 1990 in the village of Bolshaya Blagoveshenka, Novotroitsky district, Kherson region. He graduated from the Kherson Pedagogical Institute. Vadim Anatolievich – teacher of mathematics Has a long pedagogical experience and the title of teacher of the highest category.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Despite his diligent pedagogical career and all his services to his homeland, Vadim Anatolievich distinguished himself by his pro-Russian stance. And with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invaders, he became one of those who betrayed his state.

The traitor carried out propaganda activities of the “Russian world” in the school. He cooperated with the occupation authorities and received humanitarian aid for the school from the Rashists, and then went to work for the Rashists, taking a senior position as head of the pension fund under the occupiers.

The teacher, Vadim Anatolievich Isadchenko, sneakily betrayed his country and voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the enemy, for which the collaborator will certainly have to answer and be punished accordingly.