Full name: Maslov Vadim Valeryevich

Date of birth: 02.08.1966

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Rubizhne, ul. 30-letiya Pobedy, 10, sq. 8; ul. 16, sq. 202;

DRFO: 2432007211

+380508369477, +380970701646,

MAZDA, CX-9, license plate BB9399AH;


– entrepreneur, head of Rubezh-VG;

– deputy of the Rubizhne City Council from the “OPZZH”;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



Married, with an adult son.

The son is Artem Vadimovich Maslov.

Entrepreneur and traitor – Vadim Valeryevich Maslov, born August 2, 1966 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. However, Maslov will spend most of his life in Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast.

In Rubizhne, Vadim is known as an entrepreneur. He owns the company Rubezh-VG, which produces packaging materials. But it wasn’t enough for Maslov to have a business, so he decided to become a deputy in the Rubizhne City Council. He ran from the pro-Russian political party OPZJ. After becoming a deputy, Maslov did not give a damn about his constituents and was not engaged in improving the living standards of people living in Rubizhne. However, this is not Vadim’s worst act.

After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and the entry of Russian occupation forces into Rubizhne, Vadim Maslov betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the occupiers. The latter did not touch the “countryman” because Maslov helped his new “masters” in every possible way. For example, it deals with cantonment and food provision for Russian soldiers. Also, he is inducing the locals to “cooperate” with the so-called “terrorists. “occupation administration.”

Vadim Maslov faces an unavoidable and just punishment for his vile treachery, which will come very soon.