Full name: Pankov Vadim Ivanovich

Date of birth: 02.01.1968

Place of birth: Chita Region, Russian Federation

Occupation: terrorist, war criminal, commander of the 45th Separate Special Purpose Brigade of the Airborne Forces.

Place of residence:

  • 60 Akademika Anokhina St., bld. 10, Moscow, Russia.
  • 10 Matrosskaya Tishina St., Moscow, Russia (military unit 48427)
  • 163 Lugovoy Ave., Moscow, 1/8, 163 rf.


Passport: Series 4512 No. 897468, issued on January 22, 2013 by the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Moscow in the Troparyovo-Nikulino district

ID CODE: 13841585980

Car: Chevrolet Tahoe (T045HN777)

Family: married, two children

Biography of Vadim Pankov

Vadim Pankov was born January 2, 1968 in Gomel, Belarus. Graduated from high school №38. In 1986 he entered the Frunze Kiev Higher Combined Arms Command School.

Pankov began his career as an officer by serving as commander of a reconnaissance platoon of the 75th Motorized Rifle Division stationed in the Transcaucasus. From 1992 to 1993, he served as commander of the Special Forces of Ukraine’s 9th Special Forces Brigade.

At the end of 1993, Vadim Pankov defected to the Russians and began serving in the Special Forces Battalion of the Moscow Military District. Since 1994, Vadim Pankov was a group commander, and later – commander of the special forces detachment. He participated in interethnic armed conflicts on the territory of the former USSR, CIS and Russia.Participated in the 1st and 2nd Chechen wars.

There are several facts in Vadim Pankov’s biography that vividly characterize the entire officer corps of the modern Russian army:

– In 2009, as commander of the 45th Separate Special Purpose Regiment, he took part in raids. He did this in the interests of the construction business of the criminal authority “Glyba” (Alexei Khramushin, son-in-law of Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov, commander of the Russian Airborne Forces). The Russian terrorist used subordinate servicemen from the regiment’s special-purpose groups as “titushkas;

– In January 2015, he personally organized an attempt to destroy a reconnaissance group of the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center of the Ukrainian Navy near Granitnoye and Mykolaivka (Mariupol direction). As a result, Captain of the 1st rank of the AFU Yuri Olefirenko was killed.

He was awarded orders and medals for his atrocities against the peaceful population of the Caucasus.

Vadim Pankov’s Terrorist Activities

According to the website “Peacemaker,” Pankov’s brigade took part in the occupation of Crimea in 2014. Vadim Pankov led the actions of occupation troops during the seizure of the Gostomel airfield and attempts to break through to Kiev at the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

His brigade carried out sabotage and reconnaissance missions in the Mariupol direction from December 2014 to March 2015. As the large-scale invasion began, Pankov’s brigade was thrown in to capture Gostomel airport. The paratroopers’ task was to prepare a bridgehead for an attack on Kiev. But these plans were never going to come to fruition. It was not until February 24 that the 45th Brigade lost half of the six special operations teams that were supposed to provide a landing for the rest of the brigade.

After the defeat in the Kiev region, the 45th Brigade lost more than 70% of its personnel dead and was completely inoperable. Vadim Pankov has shown himself to be a dumb commander and a hardened war criminal. Soldiers of his brigade were noted for numerous war crimes in the Kiev region. In Gostomel itself, almost no building has survived. War criminals shot transport of civilians. There are hundreds of dead residents.

Bodies with signs of violent death were found in the liberated territories. According to preliminary reports, Russian soldiers shot civilians and buried their bodies near private homes.

After the retreat, Vadim Pankov’s brigade replaced the dead conscripts. The latter were forced to sign a contract, after which they were transferred to Makeyevka, Donetsk Oblast. The paratroopers were supposed to help a group of occupiers and local terrorists capture Avdeevka and ensure the advance of troops towards Bakhmut. In addition, part of the brigade was sent to the Kharkiv direction to reinforce the forces in Balakleya and Izyum.

During the counterattack, fighters of the 93rd AFU brigade eliminated over a third of the paratroopers, forcing another 20% of the Russian “elite” to flee. But during the fighting for Avdeevka, Colonel Pankov almost “put his unit in the ground” in frontal attacks on fortified positions of the AFU.