Full Name:
Valentin Vladimirovich Karlin

Date of Birth:

Address: Ukraine,Kherson region,Genichesk


– an officer of the rf police unit in the Kherson region;

– traitor, collaborator



Karlin Valentin Vladimirovich – traitor to the Motherland and collaborator was born on November 2, 1979 in the city of Genichesk. Worked for a logistics company.

Until 24.02.2022 supported Ukraine, but after the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders, Valentin began to actively assist the occupation troops and the interim leadership in the territory of Kherson region.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Consciously, voluntarily and on his own initiative, he cooperated with the occupation authorities. He holds the position of an employee of the district department of the Genicheskiy district Civic Security Service from the occupants. Subordinate to local collaborators.

The state treasonist himself promoted terrorist activities of the occupiers and supports the occupation of Ukraine by Russian troops. Also the traitor through his connections in the occupation police carried out activities to organize the selection of persons from among the citizens of Ukraine to participate in anti-Ukrainian rallies and to carry out sabotage in the Kherson region.

Also the Rashist policeman deliberately surrendered such people to the local occupation authorities, because the collaborator justifies and recognizes the actions of armed aggression against Ukraine, and his wife surrenders pro-Ukrainian-minded people for humanitarian aid.

Sooner or later Vladimir Valentinovich Karlin, a state traitor, will be justly punished for supporting the actions of the aggressor state. He will certainly answer to the law for his pro-Russian stance.