Full name: Kiyashko Valentina Grigoryevna

Date of birth: March 10, 1955

Place of birth: rf, Kaliningrad Oblast, Cherniakhovsk

Places of residence:

г. Lugansk, Sovetskaya str. 3, apt. 48;

г. Lugansk, Alexandra Matrosova Street 2A, sq. 11

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EM498559

Identification number: 2015714307

Mobile numbers: +380957432542, +380973934184

Occupation: t.n. Head of Education Department of Lugansk City Council


Labor Path:

2002 – Head of Education in the Lugansk City Executive Committee;

2014 – Director of the Department of Education of Lugansk City Council;

2014 – member of the separatist movement of the illegal armed formation “Lnr;

2016 – head of the local education department;

2016 – Director of the Department of Education and Youth “LNR“;

2017 – Head of the City Department of Education and Science in the Lugansk City Department;

2018 – Director of the Department of Education of the “LNR”;

2020 – Head of the territorial executive committee of the territorial branch of “Peace Luhanschina;

2022 – Head of the Department of Education of Lugansk City Council.

The Political Way:

2002 – ran for mayor of Lugansk.

On May 11, 2014, she was one of those who contributed to the so-called “terrorist attacks”. The ” dnr/lnr” referendum , as well as the selection of candidates for the executive and legislative bodies of the so-called “lnr.

She has been cooperating with the occupying forces for a long period, holding the position of director of the “LnR” Department of Education and Youth , repeatedly threatening teachers and all educational personnel, demanding that all personnel return to educational institutions and not attempt to leave the so-called “LnR.

She initiated the distribution of books, magazines, and diaries with symbols of the so-called “LNR” and the Russian Federation in particular.

It establishes contacts for the integration of educational institutions in the so-called “LnR” with those in the russian Federation, and develops programs for student exchanges between the so-called “republics” and the russian Federation.