Full name: Valentina Grigoryevna Serova (Bomko)

Date of birth: February 21, 1959

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Kherson region, Nova Kakhovka

Place of residence: Kherson region, Novaya Kakhovka, 84 Lenina str.


Secondary School № 3 in Nova Kakhovka

Higher education:

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Specialty: civil engineer

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: NO 522730 issued on March 11, 1988.

DRFO code: 2160102962

Mobile number: +380503156343

Driver’s license: ВХХ 381835, category B1, B, license valid until 15.10.2044

Occupation: she voluntarily took the side of the occupant, is a co-owner of Olesya LLC and Sistema-Master LLC



Valery Anatolyevich Serov

As co-owner of Olesya LLC and Sistema-Master LLC with her husband, they sided with the occupant and continue to assist Russian troops in restoring the damaged bridge over the Kakhovka sluice.

Supplies the invaders with construction materials for building fortifications and strengthening the defense line. Also provides materials for the reconstruction of dilapidated communal buildings and living quarters for the further accommodation of rf personnel.

It provides the occupants with construction equipment to facilitate the construction of various types of structures, and provides heavy equipment for the evacuation of damaged Russian military equipment, with its subsequent delivery to Crimea for repair and re-introduction into service to continue combat operations.

Along with local politicians-collaborators fabricate fake documents about the unsuitability of a particular building for the further transfer of housing/territory to the occupier.

Vehicle Fleet:

1 Gas 33023 2003 2.3 White BT 1507 VS
2 Gas 33023 2007 2.5 White BT 7436 AL
3 Gas 300200 2006 2.5 White BT 7765 AC
4 Mercedes Benz CL 600 2004 5.5 black VT 2112 VM
5 Porsche Cayenne 2016 4.8 red BT 7777 SR