Full name: Otinova Valeria Valerievna

Address: Ukraine, Khartsyzsk Donetsk region


– journalist of the occupation media;

– propagandist ofthe “Donetsk people’s republic;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants


Otinova Valeria Valerievna – corrupt journalist was born in the city of Khartsyzk, Donetsk region. He has a higher education.

After graduating from high school, the state prisoner became a journalist. Worked as a journalist on the TV channel “Sphere” Khartsyzsk.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Ever since the start of the occupation of the Donetsk region in 2014, the woman has distinguished herself for her pro-Russian views and support of the occupation regime. In this way, Valeriy Valerievna voluntarily took the side of the Russian occupiers and began to “fight” against Ukraine on the information front.

Collaborator Otinova began working as a correspondent for the newspaperMakiivske Rabochiy Dnyr, which is part of the “republican media holding,” which, in turn, is subordinateto theDnyr Ministry of Information. This print publication is aimed at an audience of readers living in the temporarily occupied city of Makiivka.

The pseudo-correspondent is involved in the production of anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials and carries out information propaganda activities in the media in favor of the aggressor state and the occupation authorities.

Valeria Okhtinova is also directly involved in the preparation and implementation of propaganda events aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian government and popularizing the activities of the occupation administration.

For working in the enemy’s information field and betraying her homeland, the collaborator and pseudo-journalist will face trial and fair punishment.