Полное имя: Агибалов Валерий Викторович

Дата рождения: 19.03.1958

Место рождения: Донецкая обл., г. Мариуполь

Места проживания:

Донецкая обл., г. Мариуполь, ул. Бахчиванджи 27, кв.5;

г. Донецк, проспект Строителей 152, кв 82


г. Мариуполь

  • школа №41;
  • школа №9;
  • школа №52

Высшее образование:

Приазовский государственный технический университет, г. Мариуполь

Специальность: технологии машиностроения

Паспорт гражданина Украины: пластиковая карточка тапа ID-1, ВА301012

Идентификационный номер: 2126207012

Мобильный номер: +380717036775

Удостоверение водителя: ТД095667, ВАЕ311260, ЯНА183068

Род деятельности: глава оккупационной администрации Ильичёвского района в г. Мариуполь


The Political Way:

1998, 2002 – twice failed while running for MP of Ukraine

2020 – candidate in Ukraine’s local elections to the Mariupol District Council from a political party

While running for local elections in Ukraine for the Mariupol City Council, he tried to expunge his criminal record. The first of which concerned theft, official forgery of documents and failure to execute court decisions, in turn, the second conviction concerned failure to pay alimony.

The Beginning of the War:

Valery Viktorovich perceived the beginning of military operations with particular joy and hope that finally everything would be as fair, just and accessible as it was in the times of the USSR. According to Valery’s buddies, he exalted the role of the rf president and was proud of him; on the whole, it was more like a cult of personality, as it was in the soviet union.

He was sincerely pleased with the beginning of Russian expansion and took part in correcting enemy fire on positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It recruits the population to assist the occupation authorities. Gathering like-minded old men and going door-to-door to attract more “young potential.

Arranged a celebratory procession on May 9 using Soviet symbols, namely, St. George’s Ribbon, flags and cloths of red color, portraits of soldiers of the “Great Patriotic War”. Encouraged the marchers to chant the slogans of the USSR and words of gratitude to the president of the Russian Federation.

He drew parallels between the USSR and the Russian Federation, and believes that the Soviet Union was destroyed by Western countries.

I have repeatedly hypothesized that ever since John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, during the height of the Cold War, plans have been underway to destroy the Soviet Union by dividing the country into its parts and establishing American world hegemony.

He sees in the president of the Russian Federation someone who is really capable of making radical changes in the geopolitical space. Supports the Russian Federation’s “special military operation” against Ukraine.

He openly said that in the history of Ukraine there had never been a truly worthy president. Believes that the current president of Ukraine is the disappointment of the year, causing great loss of life among the population.

I am sure that the only right decision to end the war in Ukraine is the decision to compromise with the president of the Russian Federation.