Full name: Astakhov Valery Vasilyevich

Date of birth: 22.06.1976

Place of birthYevpatoria, Crimea

Occupation.Traitor in Ukraine, responsible for “security” in a number of Crimean sanatoriums

Place of residence: AR Crimea, Evpatoria, 120A Tokareva Street, sq. 6.


  • Passport: 3314 284104 (rf)
  • TIN: 2793214474 (Ukrainian)
  • Car Mitsubishi Outlander, license plate B191OT82


  • +79787161984
  • +380676531228

[email protected]


Son: Astakhov Nikolai Valeryevich

Date of birth: November 1, 2000

Phone: +79780282603

[email protected]

Mother: Larisa Dmitrievna Astakhova

Date of birth: 26.08.1939

Phone: +79787935475

Valery Astakhov: biography

Valery Astakhov was born June 22, 1976 in Yevpatoria, Crimea. Since 1995, he served in the ranks of the Berkut special-purpose police regiment. His full namesake ran a couple of small service companies in the Crimea. In 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, Astakhov defected to the occupiers and accepted Russian citizenship.

Terrorist Activities of Valery Astakhov

During the occupation of Crimea, Astakhov helped the Rascists. He was a member of the so-called “Yevpatoria Self-Defense” and then the “Yevpatoria Company of the People’s Militia”. These illegal armed groups were coordinated by the Russian special services. Their tasks were to seize administrative offices and strategic facilities, as well as to confront Ukrainian law enforcers and the military. Astakhov was awarded the medal “for the defense of the Crimea” No. 4560 for his assistance in the occupation of the peninsula.

Astakhov became “famous” again nine years after those events. Kherson children who were held hostage in Crimean camps said that he was responsible for the beatings and abuse there. From the testimony Vitaly VertashIt follows that at Camp Druzhba (Yevpatoria), Astakhov beat children with iron sticks and imprisoned undesirable children in the basement. Then he was also seen at Camp Radiant.
Journalists believe
that Astakhov acts as a kind of handler for monitoring the abducted Ukrainian children, probably from the FSB.