Full name: Kizim Valery Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 30.12.1978

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Kharkiv Oblast, Kupyansk

Place of residence: Kharkiv region, Kupyansk district, the city of Kupyansk, microdistrict Kyshvarivka d. 38, к. 55

Identification number: 2885305757

Mobile numbers: +380953236162, +380668832025

Occupation: collaborator in Kupyansk

Collaborator activities

In 2018 he was the owner of the bureau of funeral services, also in the same year became a deputy of the Kupyansk city council.Combines the activity of the director of the communal enterprise

With the beginning of large-scale aggression, he began cooperating with the occupation troops of the Russian Federation. The fact that he began his collaboration activities with the mayor of Kupyansk, Gennadiy Matsegora, remains noteworthy.

He handed over to the occupation troops the location of personnel and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He posted propaganda leaflets calling for cooperation with the Russian Federation, and also offered the male population of Kupyansk to fight against Ukraine. He was engaged in distributing humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation, thus trying to enlist the support of the local population and to make the city’s residents more trusting of the so-called “liberators.

Together with other collaborators, he handed over to the Russian occupation troops the addresses of the pro-Ukrainian population and the city’s administration.

He searched for teachers for the beginning of the new school period, delivered educational literature to the schools of the city, which the Russian Federation began to supply to the occupied regions for the rapid assimilation of the Ukrainian population.