Full name: Vasily Ivanovich Doroshenko

Date of birth: September 23, 1954

Marital status:

Place of birth: Kharkiv Oblast, Dvurechanskiy District, urban-type settlement Dvurechnaya

Places of residence:

Kharkiv region, Dvurechanskiy district, urban-type settlement Dvurechnaya

  • ul. Kolkhoznaya St., 11;
  • ul. 13 Kolkhoznaya St.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MK502468

Identification number: 1998906719

Personal vehicle: VAZ 2106 of red color

Mobile numbers: +380669905300, 79611763641

Occupation: t.n. The head of the village of Dvurechnaya, Kharkiv Oblast.


Labor/Political Path:

2017 – member of the political party “Center”;

2018 – Director of the communal enterprise “Dvorichna”;

  • deputy of the Dvurechanskaya village administration from the political party “opzj”;
  • Director of the “Smile” communal enterprise;
  • t.s. The rural head of the township of Dvurechnaya.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

Vasily Ivanovich, like many members of the pro-Russian political party “opzzh”, defected to the side of the occupant. It does not do anything complicated: it passes personal data of representatives of law enforcement agencies and servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the occupants. Moreover, he gave the occupiers lists of pro-Ukrainian residents and those who might keep firearms or have combat experience.

Along with representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service, he participated in the detention of Ukrainian citizens.

He conducts a “propaganda campaign” to recruit those willing to join the ranks of collaborators, for which he promises to earn a decent sum of money and the opportunity to go to live in the border regions of the Russian Federation.

Former faction colleagues, like Vasily Ivanovich himself, are convinced that the russian government has launched a large-scale war as the only possible way to stop NATO’s expansion to russia’s borders. I am also convinced that the external management of Ukraine by Western countries has permanently tainted the relationship between the two brotherly peoples.