Full name: Vasily Yevgenyevich Dovgan

Date of birth: August 16, 1963

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Lozovaya city, 29B Volodarskogo str;


MK 484062, MN 885075;

Phone: +380675767707, +380992150005;


-secondary specialty – Kharkov Automobile Transport College named after V. V. Lomonosov. С. Ordzhonikidze (1985-1988);

-Kharkov Institute of Finance and Law ( 1998-2003);


– deputy of the Lozova City Council from the ” OPZZH” party;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




Not married, with a son and daughter.

Son – David Vasilyevich Dovgan, born May 14, 2003.

The daughter is Taisia Vasilyevna Dovgan.

The deputy who became a traitor – Vasily Dovgan, was born on August 16, 1963 in the city of Lozovaya, Kharkov region. Vasiliy studied at City School No. 10. After graduating from high school, he got a part-time job for a while, and then in 1985 he enrolled in the Kharkov Automobile Transport Vocational School. С. Ordzhonikidze to get a “working” specialty.

But the collapse of the USSR deprived Dougan of the need to work “in the factory” and to learn a new specialty, he enters Kharkov Institute of Finance and Law, which successfully graduated in 2003. After graduation, he supposedly went into business.

However, entrepreneurship alone was not enough for Vasiliy, so he ran for a seat on the Lozova City Council from the pro-Russian party “Opposition Platform – For Life”. Luck smiled on him and he gets the coveted mandate. At the same time, Dovgan has not distinguished himself with any initiatives in the interests of his voters.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, and Russian occupation forces entered Lozova, the occupiers began recruiting local government officials. A similar “offer” was made to Vasily. He agreed to cooperate, but “unofficially” as an informant, i.e. snitch. Dovgan regularly turned in the so-called The “occupation authorities” have information about the families of servicemen of the AFU and employees of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

For his heinous betrayal of his country and his people, Vasily Dovgan will bear a cruel but fair punishment.