Full name: Vasily Mikhailovich Morozov

Date of birth: 1972

Address: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region. Priazovsky district, Shevchenko village

Contacts: +380672874608


– land surveyor of the Shevchenkivsky village council of the Priazovsky district;

– an employee of the occupation administration;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator

Morozov Vasily Mikhailovich was born in 1972 in the village of Shevchenko, Zaporozhye region, a supporter of the “Russian world.

Vasily Morozov dealt with housing and communal affairs and beautification issues in Shevchenko village. He is a member of the Land Management Commission. He is a land surveyor on the township council.

Collaborationist activities:

After the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by Russian invaders on February 24, 2022, Vasily Morozov supported the policy of the occupation authorities and began to cooperate with the occupation authorities.

The collaborator was a local “coordinator” of humanitarian aid for the Rashist occupiers, feeding Russian soldiers and solving their everyday problems.

An accomplice of the “Russian world” will have to answer to the law for supporting the occupation troops and spreading pro-Russian sentiments. Vitaly Morozov will receive a fair punishment.